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Remote or face-to-face learning

For all types of public: FREELANCERS, ARTISANS, VSEs (Very Small Enterprises), SMEs, GROUPS...

Extremely operational advice on a daily basis to optimize your organisation.   


How to integrate a real replacement sales director at the lowest cost, on a short or long-term assignment in France or abroad



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Example of operational advice and support to boost sales performance, reduce sales time, win bids and boost skills and motivation.

- Assess the skills and motivations of the forces at play  

- Implement a winning organisation

- Build a company vision

- Build a winning marketing strategy

- Elaborate the right sales strategy  

- Build an efficient pricing policy

- Build budgets and commercial action plans

- Qualify the customer portfolio

- Make a profitability study

- Move from gatherer to hunter mode  

- Build a business plan

- Draw up a communication plan

- Build sales arguments

- Improve transformation rates (offers/orders)

- Implement sales management and decision-making support tools  

- Motivate, Stimulate, Manage your team

- Build an incentive programme

- Manage difficult employees  

- Build a structured and efficient prospection programme  

- Implement a CRM

- Prospect by telephone

- Sell by telephone

- Create service sales  

- Manage key accounts and tricky customers

- Prepare high-level customer visits

- Accompany customer visits

- Work on customer presentations

- Support a business deal or tender

- Reply to a tender

- Prepare a high-stakes negotiation

- Optimise your internal customer service

- Recruit

- Develop and lead your sales and distribution network

- Export

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