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Train your whole sales force (sales teams, managers, customer service ...) to reduce your selling time and maximize your offer to order ratio.


Develop or improve your sales performance by mastering the steps and leverage points of a successful sales transaction.

This training course will enable you to become aware of your knowledge and the fundamentals of the sales process, strengthen your reflexes and achievements and anchor good practices.

The participant will leave with tools for immediate implementation.



Make contact and introduce yourself, make your presentation

  • Establish your credibility and expertise, make your prospective client want to work with you, differentiate yourself from the competition, initiate dialogue, synchronise  


Discover needs and stakes

  • Know how to listen, reformulate and lead client to express their motivations to buy   


Develop arguments

  • utiliser les motivations d’achats pour présenter les avantages et les bénéfices de votre offre, limiter votre offre aux clefs d’achats et obtenir la validation de votre interlocuteur


Manage objections       

  • Identify objections, rationalise and specify, reduce and reframe, reformulate by emphasizing key strengths of your offer  

  • Deal with objections linked to price & conditions


Trigger commitment

  • Seek buy-in, get to yes, involve your prospective buyer  


Manage tricky situations

  • Dare to continue when faced with a ‘NO’, defend your prices, master buyer typologies


  • How to conclude and get your order   


CUSTOMIZED  Prior to the session


A 2-DAY face-to-face course dedicated to implementation and to each participant’s simulations   

Access to on line E-learning academy

5 modules with a duration of 5H.

24/7 access to E-learning academy




This rhymical training course alternates interactive situations and transpositions to participants’ cases, with various dynamic types of pedagogical input and supports (videos, games, exercises, exchanges, practise sessions ...)




Directors, sales teams, management teams of all sizes, from industrial or service companies.

If you operate in a highly competitive, price-sensitive environment, if buyers are more and more demanding and expert in purchasing techniques, if you are progressing to take on new assignments, if you want to strengthen your skills, this training course is designed for you ...


This training course has no pre-requisites  


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